Supergirl Costume

Supergirl costume

DC Comics Secret Wishes Supergirl Costume

My absolute favorite costume to date! Who could say no to Supergirl? She is the epitome of a feminist but also super sexy. I wouldn’t be anyone but the absolute best for Halloween. When you want to be supergirl, you need an outfit that is as cool as the character. This DC Comics Supergirl costume is the real deal. Don’t be surprised if you can suddenly fly on Halloween night, you’ll easily feel like you transformed yourself into someone completely brand new!

Best Features

How this costume looks is great. It seriously looks like you just stepped off the set of the CW hit show. As a die hard fan, I’m trumped to find any differences between the two. Not only is this a great Halloween costume, it would also make the perfect cosplay costume for comic con and other events. It’s a simple dress and cape to throw on, unlike many other cosplay costumes people wear. It can be difficult to find a good, solid costume you like for the price. This costume is only $25.99 and looks like you spent a good chunk of money on it. It is 100% polyester but you need to be careful and only hand wash it if you get something on it that stains.

What’s Included

For $25.99 you are getting the dress, the cape, and some boot tops to throw over whatever shoes you decide to wear on Halloween night.


The classic colors and ode to Supergirl really stand out in this costume. It’s exactly what you think of when you watch the CW Supergirl show. It pretty much looks identical to the TV version for a much smaller price tag. The cost is also a huge benefit at only $25.99. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a fun costume, you won’t be disappointed in this. While the dress is short enough to be considered sexy, it’s also long enough that you shouldn’t need to worry about it flying up all night. The colors are really vibrant on this costume and don’t look washed out or faded at all. It comes with everything you need to have a successful costume and the packaging didn’t ruin the costume.


There’s really nothing I can pick out but I guess I would say the only con is having to find a pair of boots that will work for this costume,

Final Verdict

I would not hesitate to purchase this costume. It’s cheap, looks good, and I felt really good in it. It also comes in multiple sizes so no matter what size you are, you can be Supergirl. I think it’s a great costume for Halloween this year and will make an even better cosplay costume.


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