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Women, let’s be honest. When Halloween comes around we can’t be more excited. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to dress up in a cool costume from our favorite movie or book and live out our fantasy. Plus, costumes just make us look downright sexy, right? I think so. But, in order to look like the cool and coy women that we are, we need a costume that will blow everyone’s minds. Thankfully, there are costumes like this one. This women’s huntress costume is the real deal. It looks great, it’s sexy, but it isn’t just a scrap of fabric over our nether regions. Nowadays there are so many costumes that you pay for that contain less than a yard of fabric. Leave something up to imagination and get a costume that covers you up but still looks sexy. This one perfectly fits the bill.

Best Features

The best part about this cute costume is that the dress has good coverage. Some Halloween costumes are so thin that you have to wear another layer underneath it to make it so that it is not see through. Thankfully, not with this costume. This costume also comes with everything you need to look great. You will easily be able to wear this costume to multiple parties or events without anything tearing or ripping. All the seams look good and it doesn’t look like a cheap replica costume or anything like that. Also, it is really easy to clean this costume. You just throw it in the wash and your stains will be gone!

What’s Included

When you purchase this huntress costume, you are getting everything you need. Not only are you getting the cute dress, you also get the hooded cape that comes with a chain, an attached strap, printed gauntlets, and the waist cinching belt.


This costume has a lot of small detailing that really makes it work. It looks really good when you wear it all together. You don’t need to purchase anything else to make this costume look the best. Also, it is an absolute steal. For only $20 you are getting a full Halloween costume. You don’t have to scour the shelves at the stores looking for a costume that everyone else will probably be wearing, be unique and buy this costume instead!


The only bummer about this costume is if you are tall the dress can be a little short on you. And if you are short, the dress will probably hit you about mid thigh area.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would not hesitate to purchase this costume again. It is a really cute and unique costume for only $20. It is pretty versatile and it comes in multiple sizes for different body types. If you are on the fence this Halloween about what you want to be, try out this costume. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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